Green Mountain Grill

Great deal on the Davy Crockett Green Mountain Grill. This is the portable model. It’s a great package that ships to your house.  Just call us and we’ll take care of the rest!

Davy Crockett package

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

Great gun for concealed carry!

Del-Ton DT Sport

Del-Ton DT Sport in stock.  A solid introduction to the AR platform.

Glock 43 9mm in stock! **SOLD OUT**

glock43 (1)

Ammo selling fast **SOLD OUT**

Winchester Super X 22LR


Our inventory is selling fast! – SOLD OUT –

22 LR **SOLD OUT**

With our Remington supply almost gone, we just got in some Winchester Super X 22 LR.

22 LR **SOLD OUT**

We were able to get in a supply of Remington Golden Bullet 22 LR.  Currently we’re limiting it to 200 rounds per customer.  /ammo/

Ammo inventory

We recently added Hornady 17 WSM to our inventory.

Also on our shelf is the G2 Research RIP handgun ammo. Have a look and decide for yourself.


Grill DEMO Day This Friday, May 29 2015.

DEMO  Day Flyer

New Site

We are working hard to get our site up and fully functioning.

Please call our office if you need any assistance.